Summer is one of the most happening months of the year.  The time of the year when we prefer to spend most of our time outside. Yet, we spend enough time indoors too! So, if you are willing to bring the summer vibes into your home, let your local residential interior house painters choose the relevant summer accent colors for you.


Add a new definition to your space with the right choice of colors. Playing with room colors can be a tad bit overwhelming for most homeowners. However,  summer accent colors will add a pop to the walls without changing the room.  So, look for and stick with softer and neutral colors to brighten up the space!


Color trends shift almost every year, but the summer-loved paint colors include significantly timeless color trends. With the right choice of color, you can create equilibrium in the room that you would love to keep around for a long time.  These color trends are all offered by the best interior house painters.


Trending Paint Colors for summer Suggested by Andover Painting LLC


Blue Skies


Inspired by the clouded days and best summer days, blue is the color of the year. The color helps you focus and concentrate, making it the best accent wall color for the choice of room in your home. There are several shades to choose from in this color family- ranging from soft shades of pastel shades to bright cobalt shades along with sky blue shades. If you want something little light or you want something a little bold, stay headed with us!


Beach Day


Do you prefer neutral and elevated tones? The colors of the beach are the smartest way to bring the summer vibes to your home all year long. Bringing actual sand indoors might be a little messy for your home but you cannot get a similar experience as that of the beach! Add colors like ivory, pale gray, beige, and white. Create a complete pallet of colors for your space by adding accents and elements in different shades of turquoise, coral, peach, or ocean blue.


Floral Banquet


Want to have a little brighter color for your room or do you want to add more energy to your room surroundings? Nothing adds more to your space than colors chosen from the garden. Think of the pink shades of lavender, varieties of green- grassy tones to sage tones. 


The Final Thoughts


Feeling inspired by the colors? Bring those summer vibes indoors to your comfort space with a hint of fun with an accent wall.  Looking to repaint the inside of your house this summer and wondering which colors to choose for your space?  Well, look no further and contact Andover Painting LLC.  We offer an excellent solution for bringing the outdoors into your living rooms, playrooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms.